Simple sites. Quality hosting.

Frubie Web

In the online world we now live in, we are wanting more from the net and we are increasingly setting up our own personal web sites, our own little place within the WWW. Frubie hosting can offer simple hosting for those who want to create from ground up, their own site, or can offer custom sites, designed and created for you. This could be a single page, just a small site just for you, or a multiple page site with what ever information and images you wish to share with the world.

Frubie Hosting

If you have a site, or fancy creating your own site, you will need to have it hosted. Frubie can do this, and we do it properly. We proudly boast 99.995% uptime Tier 4 Redundancy, with 24/7/365 monitoring, making 100% sure you are getting the best hosting possible.

Frubie OnLine

We offer web-hosting only to known clients or those recommended by trusted associates; principally, small businesses and low-bandwidth customers, with some exceptions (see below **)

Why is this? Well, one of the most fundamental objectives of these types of client is RELIABILITY - it's as simple as that! Everyone likes affordability too - the problem with finding an ultra-reliable hosting package is that they're mostly very expensive. Why? 99.995% uptime ( or as close to this optimum as one may sensibly expect ) requires a server of top-quality and one that is not shared with any other hosting companies or end-users - we have our own dedicated servers exclusively for our customers, fully managed 24/7/365 by our hosting provider. Additionally, we protect our customers' data by backing up their accounts to a remote server, both nightly and additionally, a separate weekly schedule.

Furthermore, sensible use of bandwidth and load spreading, along with our policy of refusing to allow any known resource-hungry websites to be hosted, e.g. no warez; no bit torrents; no Anime; no ROMs & Emulators; no IRC, no streaming; no commercial bulk advertising ( SPAM ) etc. All of these exclusions help to maintain optimum reliability and uptime!

** If you meet our criteria i.e small business or low-bandwidth user and would like to apply for an ultra-reliable hosting solution, please email James and include your telephone details with contact info.